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Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. Overhaul Briefing 2022 Phase II


Ying Tianhui Office

The green hills are not relaxed, and the roots are in the broken rock.

-Record Yingtianhui Company's 2022 Overhaul

Today is January 9, Sunday, the weather is fine, the outdoor temperature is 6 ℃, the second day of the company's 2022 overhaul.

On January 8, the company held an overhaul work meeting to summarize and arrange the current overhaul work and the next work. On January 8, the company's chlor-alkali plant mainly to dismantle, replacement, cleaning and other maintenance projects, TCE plant has been fully implemented to complete the system replacement work. In the next step, the company will speed up the implementation of the preparation for the annual inspection of on-site pressure vessels and pressure pipelines and the removal and inspection of safety valves. At the same time, the meeting stressed that there are many cross operations involved in the site, so it is necessary to remind each other, shift peak operations, and do a good job in cleaning the production site area during overhaul. Strengthen the management of special operations, do a good job in system replacement, implement isolation measures for hot work, wear safety belts for climbing operations, handle lifting procedures and personnel training. The meeting made it clear that the on-duty personnel should keep the telephone unblocked at any time and strengthen the monitoring and inspection of major dangerous areas. Do a good job of ticket processing before maintenance, limited space identification, data analysis, etc. All maintenance items shall be operated in strict accordance with the specification requirements, and the progress and quality shall be pursued under the premise of ensuring safety.

It is reported that on January 8, the company started to implement 75 overhaul projects and completed 27 overhaul projects, with an overhaul completion rate of 7%.

"If you insist that the green hills will not relax, the roots will be in the broken rocks". The annual overhaul is an important test for Yingtianhui people. It is related to the stability, safety and economy of the company's production and operation in the coming year. I hope everyone will continue to maintain a full spirit and high morale to face the overhaul, stick to their promises and abide by their duties., Cooperate closely, keep in mind the bottom line of safety, do your style and results in the overhaul, and successfully complete the overhaul goal.

(Contributions by Meng Li, General Office)


The generator inside the big show

As the old saying goes: if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharper his tools. In order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the production plant, the company carries out annual overhaul work.

Walking into the scene, the eyes were full of busy figures for maintenance. The withered and yellow leaves threw themselves into the embrace of the earth with the biting cold wind. The weather suddenly turned cold, which did not affect the atmosphere of the maintenance site in full swing.

We can see that in the acetylene generator of TCE device, Jiang Wei, Dong Safety, Huang Jie, Guo Jing and others of TCE device are racing against time to clean the inside of the generator. The time is tight and the task is heavy. In order to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the equipment after overhaul, everyone should not be slack. In such a limited space as the generator, the activities of several people crowded in it are very restricted. In addition, the light inside is dim and the air is not circulating. It is not an easy task to clean up. Several masters overcome difficulties, tidy up the equipment, wear protective equipment according to the specifications, fully armed and fully prepared, cooperate with the lighting of external personnel, and carefully carry out the cleaning work. When the masters came out, the masks were covered with fog, and the clothes and trousers were covered with stains. They looked embarrassed, but they all had a bright smile on their faces.

The spirit of hard-working, proactive and difficult-facing is worthy of our study and praise. Mr. Lu Xun said: "Great achievements are directly proportional to hard work. Every work has a harvest. Over time, miracles can be created from less to more."

(Contribution by Yu Qin, Marketing Department)

To the repairman in full swing

When the warm sun in winter is slightly cold and bitter, when the fragrance of wintersweet blossoms is flowing everywhere, we have ushered in the annual overhaul time of 2022 as promised. Comrades, like "chicken blood", are ready to go and naturally go to various overhaul work sites.

Listen, the "squeaking" of the chainsaw; look, the bright sparks splashing everywhere, and occasionally some white smoke dancing with the wind. Looking up, the cold scene is shining with attractive light. The repairman on the passage is like an elegant note, squatting and standing at times... Soothing beat, played the soul-stirring labor movement. They sweated like rain, the big beads of sweat slipped quietly across their teeth and cheeks, and the busy figures merged into the fighting sound of the overhaul campaign.

(Contribution by Fu Daojing of Chlor-Alkali Plant)

Safety of Overhaul

On January 8, 2022, the annual overhaul of Yingtianhui Company began, and the overhaul site was in good order. Walking into the scene, I felt enthusiasm and drive. Quality, quantity and safety of overhaul. Security is a topic that cannot be ignored.

When walking to the chlor-alkali plant, the debrominated inner pipe gallery full gasification renovation project will be carried out today, and the pipes and debrominated bottom pipes will be prefabricated, and the first-level hot work will be approved on site. The analysis major of Safety and Environmental Protection Department is conducting combustible gas analysis, the chlor-alkali plant is conducting safety education and risk and measure review, and the department where the operation is located, the production management department and the safety management department are conducting layer-by-layer approval. They are rigorous and prudent in their implementation of risk analysis and safety measures.
Yes, there was a group of people at the scene, carrying simple tool bags, which contained hot work permits, climbing work tickets, etc. When he passes by a place, he always checks whether he works according to the standard and whether he wears the corresponding safety equipment, and then reminds the employees to pay attention to safety. This is his job, handling all kinds of work tickets, implementing production and all aspects of safety work, ensuring the safety of all employees during the overhaul, and ensuring the safe and orderly progress of the overhaul work. No work ticket was issued on site and no work was allowed. Therefore, they usually run forward for fear of delaying the progress of overhaul. They contribute their light and heat to their ordinary posts. Escort the safety of the overhaul.
There are many such examples on the scene, and everyone is contributing their greatest strength to the overhaul. We take the factory as our home. During the overhaul, we should carry out all the overhaul work and strive to complete the overhaul on time and in quantity.
(contributed by Chang Juan, Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection)

This winter won't be cold

On January 8, it was cloudy. In this cold winter, although the outdoor temperature was only a few degrees, our maintenance personnel were high-spirited and passionate. Starting today, the company will usher in an 8-day annual maintenance work.

The maintenance work of this electrician class is roughly divided into three major items: technical renovation project, rectification of potential safety hazards and routine maintenance. Specific content: 110kv substation lightning rod repair; SF6 circuit breaker overhaul; rectifier transformer insulation oil replacement;Maintenance of chlorine compressor, hydrogen compressor and 2002B motor; Inspection of frequency converter and soft starter in each workshop section; Check and remove dust of heat transfer oil, air and nitrogen heater power supply... Although the maintenance work "has many items, tight time and heavy tasks", the electrics' class will, as always, standardize the work of maintenance personnel on site. While ensuring the maintenance tasks, we will also emphasize various safety matters in the maintenance process, handle corresponding tickets before operation, analyze the emergencies that may occur during maintenance and the harmfulness of special areas, and make corresponding plans and measures in advance.
At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed, and the years are not lived, and heaven rewards hard work. Here, all members of the electrician class would like to congratulate the company on its brilliant achievements in 2021. We will always share the same breath with the enterprise, share the same fate and heart to heart in our future work, and work hard and forge ahead. It is precisely because of the hard work of all Yingtianhui people that the company's work can proceed smoothly. At the same time, we also wish the company more and greater achievements in 2022!
(Contribution by Long Mao of Electric Instrument Workshop)


TCE device overhaul "war drum" ring

The 2022 overhaul has begun. This overhaul has a tight schedule and heavy tasks. In order to complete the overhaul tasks in an all-round, efficient and high-quality manner and ensure the smooth completion of the work, under the careful organization of the device, the overhaul tasks have been broken down and detailed, and the responsibilities and work have been put into practice, so that everyone has a task, everyone takes care of everything, and finally leaves no hidden dangers and no regrets.

The soldiers did not move, the grain and grass went first. During the 8-day overhaul, everyone had to complete dozens of overhaul tasks, large and small. Among them, the generator cleaning, the molecular sieve replacement of acetylene drying tower, the waste acid tank cleaning, and the filler replacement of the reflux section of the lean tower were several "hard bones" that were difficult to chew ". In order to complete the overhaul task on schedule, colleagues sacrificed their rest time and took the initiative to work overtime to transfer the overhaul materials such as packing, valves and molecular sieves to the overhaul site in advance so that they could be used at any time.

The clarion call for the overhaul battle has been sounded. The beginning is the decisive battle. The beginning is the sprint. Let's charge for the overall victory of the overhaul in 2022 with full state, high morale and strict style, laying the most solid foundation for the safe, green and high-quality development of the company. I believe that with the joint efforts of all of us, we will be able to draw a satisfactory end to this overhaul.

(Contributed by TCE Device Zhu Xuelin)


All peoples work together to ensure the smooth development of major repairs.

On the second day of the overhaul on January 9, in order to complete the company's 2022 overhaul task on time with guaranteed quality and quantity, everyone took the time to change into work clothes and put into the busy overhaul work of the day.

Entering the inspection site, there was no roar of machines, only comrades were busy inspecting. At the site of primary brine, electrolysis and hydrochloric acid liquefaction, each comrade meticulously focuses on every job. You see, the operators are disposing of the medium in the equipment pipeline, cleaning the removed heat exchanger plates and storage tanks, and the maintenance personnel are removing bolts, replacing pipeline equipment, valves and overhauling machinery and equipment in an orderly manner. Electricians shuttle between the motor and the power distribution room to connect temporary power supply for the maintenance site; the instrument personnel are adjusting and overhauling the instruments. Analysts are conducting on-site analysis on the equipment that needs to be overhauled and fired into the tower and into the tank. The management personnel of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department are running around every corner to supervise and inspect the safety of on-site operation. The person in charge of the site and the squad leader shall handle all kinds of operation tickets in time. The office shall provide all logistics services for maintenance and solve the problems of employees' life and vehicles in time, control safety, quality and progress, and coordinate and solve the problems in the maintenance process in a timely manner. Everyone performs their duties and makes concerted efforts from top to bottom to ensure the safety, progress and quality of maintenance and the success of one-time driving.

(Contribution by Li Hongbin, Discipline Inspection Office)

The hearts of the people are together, and the mountains are moving.
The company's maintenance activities are in full swing. Whether it is located on the top of the preprocessor tank tens of meters high or the circulating pool several meters deep, there are crowded scenes everywhere. This is the main battlefield for the company to organize the overhaul of production equipment.
At the site, the safety officer carries out safety supervision, and the operator removes the insulation layer of the steam pipeline. Other staff who replace the electrolysis oil pump, replace the primary brine and light brine high-level tank, replace the transformer, replace the electrolyzer valve, replace the expansion joint of the chlorine gas main, and replace the expansion joint of the chlorine gas main are also stepping up their work. The maintenance work of each department is carried out in an orderly manner.
In order to solve the difficulties of "many projects, tight time and heavy tasks", the company hired outsourcing personnel in advance and conducted relevant training to them, hoping that they can assist the company's employees to complete the overhaul work more efficiently. While the maintenance work is carried out, the superior leaders also attach great importance to the safety of the on-site staff. In line with the principle of "safety first", the on-site staff dress code, work clothes, safety helmet, goggles and other protective measures have been worn as required. In addition to the company's employees in advance of safety education, the company also conducted safety education and training for contractors and foreign personnel.
The current overhaul is proceeding smoothly in accordance with the overhaul plan. All employees of Yingtianhui are working towards the goal, working hard and doing their best to ensure that the annual overhaul is completed with good quality and quantity on the premise of ensuring safety, thus providing a strong guarantee for the stable operation of production in the coming year.
(Contributed by Huang Hanlin, Human Resources Department)

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