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Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. Overhaul Briefing Phase III in 2022


Ying Tianhui Office

Don't be afraid of the cold, stick to your post and ensure the overhaul.

Today is the fourth day of the overhaul. Entering the overhaul site, we saw colleagues in the hydrochloric acid section cleaning the water-cooled heat exchanger, which accumulated thick scale due to long-term operation. The accumulation of scale will greatly reduce the heat dissipation efficiency of the heat exchange plate, thus causing the heat exchange effect to deteriorate. The scale is firmly stuck in the slits of the heat exchange plate and can only be washed manually one by one. The difficulty and intensity of the work are very high. In addition, the weather is cold, the employees' shoes are wet, and their hands and faces are blown red. However, they are still not afraid. In the bitter cold wind, each heat exchange plate is carefully washed, carefully and meticulously. The cleaned heat exchange plate is as clean as new. Even if sweat and rain have wet their shoes and pants, they still smile brightly, like the warm sun in the cold winter, so cute.

Just as the slogan of Yingtianhui Company for this overhaul: "Sprinkle your passion and release your youth and go all out to complete the annual overhaul task on schedule", the sun and the moon are moving forward, and the time is high and new. Only by striving can we live up to our youth. There are too many unforgettable scenes in this overhaul work. As the saying goes, no pains, no gains, and finally we have experienced our steel-like will and firm belief, laying a solid foundation for the company to complete this year's production and operation goals.
Contribution from Audit Department (Chen Xiangyu)

Escort overhaul

The annual overhaul is getting better and better, and all aspects of work are in full swing. In order to ensure the quality and quantity of the overhaul work to be completed on schedule, the company's on-duty leaders, the heads of various disciplines of the production and operation department, and the heads of various devices took advantage of the short break after lunch. Executive Deputy General Manager Deng Jirong presided over the overhaul work progress meeting,All aspects of this overhaul will be found out and corrected. The persons in charge of the meeting introduced in detail the progress of each maintenance project and the current difficulties and needs. The persons in charge of each specialty carefully sorted out the main points of the construction and put forward specific precautions. Everyone worked together to escort the overhaul.
Deng always stressed: 1. Safety is the first priority. All project leaders and safety leaders must emphasize it every day. Special attention should be paid to the protection of contractors and external personnel. Safety training, three-level education and on-site disclosure must be implemented according to the requirements of safety management. 2. Logistics support should open a green channel for overhaul. The overtime work should be done. All the established projects in the overhaul plan must be completed on time. Li Guoxiao, deputy chief engineer, is responsible for the overall management, and the person in charge of the installation is fully following up. The person in charge of the project needs to make good work arrangements every day, give full play to the role of external personnel, and make all the work proceed in an orderly manner. 3. The project nodes of this overhaul are: key and difficult projects such as related renovation of electrolytic cell, special inspection of liquid chlorine storage tank, and related overhaul of reaction separation. We must attach great importance to them. All professional leaders should continue to maintain the on-site work style. Even if the problems encountered in the construction operation are studied and solved, even if the deviation is corrected, the completion will be guaranteed on schedule.
Contribution from Production and Operation Department (Yu Le)

Hone the will of steel to complete the heavy task of overhaul

On January 10, Yingtianhui's annual large-scale maintenance activities have been carried out to the third day, and 119 of the 402 maintenance tasks have been successfully completed, with a completion rate of 29.6. In the face of tight time, heavy tasks, and demanding overhaul projects, the employees are still full of energy, arming themselves with unified thinking, firm will, coordinated action, and strong combat effectiveness, and go all out.
During the author's visit to the scene, a salt water section was cleaning up the salt pond. The employees, holding a shovel in their hands, struggled to shovel the waste into the hanging basket. Sweat crossed their faces and melted into the salt pond. The cleaning work seems simple, but this time and again holding the shovel and bending over again is also a great test of workers' physical strength, endurance and perseverance.
In the electrolytic cell device, everyone is busy replacing the pipeline. The new pipeline is made of peptide nickel alloy, which has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance than the old plastic pipeline, and is safer and more environmentally friendly to use. It can be seen that Yingtianhui always adheres to the HSE management system, actively prevents risks, actively controls risks and reduces risks in a timely manner.
In the biting cold wind, Yingtianhui's comrades gave full play to the spirit of hard struggle and hard work ". It is their persistence and hard work that makes the development of the company like its name-shining all day long.
Contribution from Human Resources Department (Zhou Yaojun)










Yingtianhui people in the overhaul are the most beautiful!

Who is the most beautiful? Dust wrapped in trouser legs, sweat soaked through the back of the clothes, oil blurred the face, I don't know who you are, but I know who you are for, in order to Yingtianhui complete the overhaul task as soon as possible, in order to Yingtianhui smooth driving to create benefits, in order to Yingtianhui tomorrow blooming and thriving......
A group of "Yingtianhui people" wearing blue overalls and yellow helmets shuttled at the overhaul site of the company's two major installations. They tighten the safety string, fasten the safety belt, or stand on the bridge and bend over to disassemble it, or curl up in a narrow space to fill the material, or lie on the tower head and fasten it sideways... They are three or two or four or five in groups, carrying on their shoulders, supporting with their hands, pulling forward and pushing back, pulling up and down, and working together to cooperate with tacit understanding. They bravely carry heavy burdens, sweat and passion, such as wintersweet blooming proudly in the cold wind, especially beautiful!
The smiling faces of gray soil, the hands covered with mud, and the figures of busy struggle constitute the most beautiful scenery of the overhaul site!

Contributed by Financial Planning Department (Kuang Min)

Tacit cooperation hand in hand overhaul

Under the comprehensive deployment and careful organization of leaders at all levels, the company's 2022 overhaul is proceeding in an orderly manner. All departments and professionals earnestly implement the work. All employees have clear goals, high spirits and full of enthusiasm.
At the scene, we saw such a picture. In front of the unit slot equipment, they were in front of the unit slot equipment, one left and one right, according to their own division of labor, carefully grasping the details, not letting go of every detail, and cooperating with each other to repair the equipment. It is understood that this maintenance project is to increase the unit cell of the electrolytic cell. With the continuous development of the company and its surrounding downstream enterprises, the chlor-alkali production capacity can no longer meet the market demand, and the shortage of liquid chlorine is obvious. It is still necessary to purchase liquid chlorine to balance the production. The technological transformation of this additional unit cell will further improve the chlor-alkali production capacity and create economic benefits.
The overhaul work is being carried out in an orderly manner. Although it is very hard and tiring, for this overhaul, everyone has arrived early and returned late and worked hard. In line with the belief that "today's task will never be left until tomorrow", they have fulfilled their duties and sprinted towards the successful completion of the overhaul.

Contribution from Marketing Department (Yuqin)

Work Together to Guarantee Quality for Overhaul

On January 11, 2022, the overhaul was in full swing, and the scene was full of busy scenes. In groups of three to five, the division of labor and cooperation; many tasks are to be rushed into the battle, and the implementation of measures will be resolved immediately, and some positions are service overhauls. The wastewater treatment station serves as the maximum guarantee for the maintenance and replacement of equipment in each unit and section, and for the cleaning of storage tanks and pools. Since the overhaul, the wastewater treatment station has received a large amount of wastewater, and the wastewater discharge has reached a new high.
The liquid level in the two regulating tanks of the wastewater treatment station remains high, and the wastewater treatment staff are always busy on site. The wastewater in the two tanks is adjusted at the same time, the water inlet valve is switched, the aeration pipeline is opened, acid and alkali are added, salt content, chloride ion and free chlorine are analyzed, sodium sulfite is added, and characteristic pollutants are submitted for inspection, etc. The wastewater treatment station is full of female employees, with only one person in each class, but in the face of such heavy work, they are not afraid of hardship and have no complaints. During the overhaul, all waste water shall be discharged up to standard.
Through their efforts, a pool of turbid wastewater becomes clear, and the high level becomes a low level. The wastewater treatment station operates normally, receives wastewater from various processes, and ensures the progress and quality of maintenance. This is the effect of everyone's concerted efforts, the result of everyone's joint efforts, unity and cooperation, and the harvest of everyone's hard work. Let us pay tribute to these ordinary positions in the silent dedication of the repair soldiers!

Contributed by Safety and Environmental Protection Department (Chang Juan)


Lean management to ensure safety

January 11, today is the fourth day of the overhaul. Although the temperature has dropped, it cannot reduce their heat. All projects are in full swing. Walking into the hot maintenance site, there are busy figures of maintenance personnel everywhere. They are not afraid of the severe cold, work day and night, and work together to fight in the cold winter of the maintenance site. The hard work of the maintenance can be imagined, but this group of maintenance personnel are not afraid of the cold. Fight at the maintenance site with fiery steel feelings, and use practical actions to fully promote the early completion of the maintenance task, laying a solid foundation for safety and stability throughout the year. 
In order to ensure that the production equipment in 2022 is overhauled as planned, and the tasks are completed safely, with high quality and efficiency, the company's leaders, production technology departments, safety departments, leaders of production equipment and technical backbones are stationed at the site to take every job seriously, carefully organize and carefully deploy during the overhaul. Personnel safety, equipment safety and maintenance quality are the top priorities of the maintenance work. This maintenance project is many, the task is heavy, the maintenance work is cross-complex, and it also includes several large outsourcing construction tasks. During the maintenance period, the Production and Operation Dept. and the Safety and Environmental Protection Dept. shall strengthen coordination, supervision and guidance on site, and organize and hold progress summary meetings every day.
Company leaders attach great importance to maintenance safety, emphasizing that we must keep in mind that "safety is life, safety is efficiency, and safety is politics"! Keep in mind the safety guiding ideology at all times, put an end to any risky operations, reasonably adjust cross operations, put risks in front of hidden dangers and hidden dangers in front of accidents, put prevention in place in advance, control in the process in place, and summarize and analyze after the event in place to ensure the safety goal of "zero accident and zero work injury" in the maintenance process to complete this overhaul.
Contribution from Production and Operation Department (Rong Zhongju)

Overhaul March

Today is the fourth day of the overhaul. The weather is cold and the cold wind has not dispelled everyone's passion for work. As the old saying goes, "first bitter and then sweet", the work is similar, first more and then less, in order to complete the maintenance task on time. Everyone divided into several routes to get baffles, pockets, shovels and other tools, handle tickets for confined space operations, and lead analysts to measure the oxygen content of each tower of the sulfuric acid purification system. After the completion of the work, each colleague automatically divided into several groups to pick out the filler, and then picked out the bag. I feel that everyone is like Xiaomifeng, orderly, performing their duties, doing what they should do, and cooperating with each other.
In the afternoon, the weather was beautiful, and the warm sunshine was shining on the body, which immediately dispelled the cold all over the body, and the tired body was immediately full of strength and energy. Shua Shua Shua, I feel that the brushes of the heat exchanger blades are much lighter. We cleaned up the heat exchanger and set up the farm gate array while enjoying the warm winter sun. The afternoon passed by in a hurry, and today's task has been completed. Time always goes fast when you work happily and earnestly.

TCE Device (Tang Qinghai)



Labor Hymn-The Repairman's Elegance

Today is the fourth day of the eight-day maintenance work. Before dawn, I heard the sound of footsteps and the conversation of work contact not far away. The busy day of work began.
Look! A group of lovely maintenance workers, handbell wrenches, are methodically walking into the messy maintenance site and come to a place where primary salt water (sodium carbonate tank) is ready to clean up the tank. They skillfully rotate each screw on the manhole with a wrench and are ready to open the manhole. Then use a long-handled shovel to push and pull back and forth from inside to outside, take out the sodium carbonate waste residue accumulated in the tank from the tank, and then use a trolley to transfer to the slag yard for treatment. They are shouldering the glorious mission of repairmen in order to drive the device smoothly and resume stable production.

Contribution from chlor-alkali unit (Fu Daojing)

Overhaul Site Record

On Monday, January 10, Yingtianhui's annual overhaul entered its third day. In the morning, the operators who took part in the maintenance entered the site on time against the cold wind and started the intense and orderly maintenance work.
Whether it is outdoor aerial work or indoor parts replacement, the concept of safety development is strictly implemented on site, and the measures in the safety management plan are implemented step by step. Not only do special operations personnel hold certificates and dress codes are checked before construction, but also the work process. It is always supervising the life safety of employees. The project leader, safety officer and contractor all stick to the site and keep a close eye on the operation process to ensure the safety and control of climbing, hot work, hoisting and other operations.
The operators of the chlor-alkali department strictly followed the safety requirements and took protective measures. After wearing safety helmets, protective gloves and protective clothing, they quickly put into today's salt mud cleaning work. The drizzle in the morning brought some coolness, but in the face of everyone's hard work, even the warm sun couldn't help cheering for it, poking out of the clouds to disperse the chill around everyone.
Today's maintenance site is still a busy scene, and everyone is striving towards the overall goal of work.

Contributions from Human Resources Department (Huang Hanlin)

Youth is not less than the year

The 2022 overhaul is in full swing again, with the same overhaul, the same personnel and the same passion. The combat effectiveness demonstrated by the overhaul of the instrument squad was as strong as the young generals who rushed into the army to take the head of the general.
Because the professional leaders of each group are all young party members, the backbone can take on the important task of professional work, not only to ensure quality and quantity, but also to coordinate and cooperate closely with each group. I will dial the line to pick you up, and you will send someone to fight. Team cooperation is like ten thousand people exercising bows, shooting a total of one move, and winning every move. The post-80s are not afraid of hardship and are motivated. It is this spirit that the work progress of my team has been advancing rapidly. In the past, the top ten instrument mixers have long since receded their immature appearance. Although their professional knowledge is not as good as that of being born in a professional class, they have learned and accumulated experience all the year round to be able to shoulder the heavy responsibility of installation and maintenance.
Although today is the third day of overhaul, it is based on the principle of ensuring safety first and putting people first. In this professional work, strictly abide by the company and workshop safety production rules and regulations and operating procedures. On the premise of ensuring the progress, improve the quality, abide by the safety production system and ticket management, and do a good job in debugging, installation and maintenance records. Ensure the quality and progress of the annual overhaul and allow the system to drive safely and normally, so as to make a solid bunker group for this year's work safety. Let's refuel together!

Contribution from Electric Instrument Workshop (Che Yao)

Overhaul, Yingtianhui

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