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Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. Overhaul Briefing Phase I 2022


Ying Tianhui Office

Annual overhaul kicks off with concerted efforts to achieve better results

Comrades! The year 2021 has been an extraordinary year. Ying Tianhui in Yuhua New Materials,Under the correct leadership of Jiangbei Chemical Fertilizer, we worked hard to overcome the sharp rise in raw material prices and the hardships of outsourcing liquid chlorine.Twists and turns, equipment gradually aging, safety and environmental protection pressure and other difficulties, through careful operation of production, market intensive cultivation, management excellence, the company seizedWith the once-in-a-lifetime market opportunity, the output of the two main products has set a new historical record, creating the best benefit since the establishment of Yingtianhui.

2021 is over, and 2022, which has a lot to do, is on the right track. The 12th annual overhaul since the start-up of the device has arrived as scheduled. There are more than 400 overhaul projects, with an estimated cost of more than 760 million, with a time span of 8 days. The time is tight, the task is heavy and the requirements are high. Tian Shi Jing, chairman of the board of directors, Zeng Yongshou, general manager, and Deng Jirong, executive deputy general manager of the company, have organized many meetings to make important arrangements for overhaul safety, progress, quality, and parking management. They have successively issued the 2022 Overhaul Plan and the HSE Control Plan for Plant Overhaul. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, boost morale, mobilize all employees to pay attention to and participate in the annual overhaul work, the company issued the "2022 overhaul assessment incentive measures" and "2022 overhaul publicity assessment incentive plan".

On January 5, Zeng always went deep into the plant site to check and guide the delivery of overhaul materials to the plant, personnel arrangement, secondary overhaul plan of the plant, technical plan of major and difficult items, confirmation procedure of start-up and stop conditions, operation change procedure, staff training, safety control and other preparations. Zeng Zong stressed that it is necessary to earnestly implement the project, process, materials and external coordination to ensure the overhaul progress. To implement special personnel responsible for overhaul project materials, technical plans and risk plans; Professionals involved in multi-disciplinary cross-operation must carry out on-site technical disclosure. Staff training focuses on effect, and safety measures must be implemented.

Yingtianhui colleagues, the 2022 overhaul has begun, and the maintenance officers and men have set out in full gear. Let's continue to carry forward the fine tradition of being able to bear hardships and fight, unify our thinking, base ourselves on the overall situation, make concerted efforts and achieve better results, and do a good job in the 2022 overhaul battle, laying a solid foundation for the smooth completion of the annual overhaul task and the stable operation of the implementation device.

General Office (Zhang Lu) contribution

 2022Annual Overhaul Mobilization Meeting

On the afternoon of January 4, executive deputy general manager Deng Jirong presided over the 2022 overhaul kick-off meeting. Li Weidong, deputy secretary of the company's party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection commission, Xiao Min, deputy general manager, and Duan Chengyi, technical director, attended the meeting.
There are 402 maintenance items in total, and the maintenance time is 8 days. At the meeting, the production unit will report the overhaul personnel arrangement, material preparation, site situation, outsourcing project and external personnel arrangement, site disclosure, personnel mobilization, etc. At the same time, the process, equipment, instrument and electrical, civil engineering and safety and environmental protection disciplines have made reports on the relevant work conditions and arrangements of the discipline.
The meeting stressed that there are many maintenance items, time is tight and tasks are heavy. We should seize the opportunity of this overhaul to repair the production equipment. All departments should fully cooperate, do a good job in maintenance safety, environmental protection, quality and other work, and carry out maintenance in strict accordance with various maintenance plans and safety requirements to ensure the safety and quality of the maintenance process. At the same time, leading cadres at all levels should conscientiously perform their duties and go all out to do a good job in the overhaul work.
Finally, Deng Zong made it clear that the overhaul was successfully completed in 2022 and was the guarantee of safe and stable production. At the meeting, he made a comprehensive arrangement from the aspects of parking replacement, personnel organization, maintenance work and rest time, maintenance safety and quality progress, project acceptance, driving arrangement, etc. He asked the production system to do a good job of overall coordination and careful scheduling to ensure the effective implementation of maintenance projects, to enter the site personnel training, disclosure to sign for confirmation, maintenance personnel to effectively and accurately deploy; The specific arrangements for personnel will be put in place, the person responsible for the project will improve all kinds of plans and changes, and the risk identification and prediction will be in place. During this period, a maintenance summary meeting will be held every day. Carry out the quality acceptance of maintenance projects according to their functions and responsibilities, complete the overhaul on schedule with good quality, quantity and safety, and ensure the success of one-time start-up.
Contribution from Production and Operation Department (Rong Zhongju)

Carefully organized and carefully deployed everything for the annual overhaul.

The 2022 overhaul is as scheduled. 8 days, 402 maintenance tasks, 7.64 million yuan. Many projects, tight time and heavy tasks. The medium is highly toxic, suffocating, flammable and explosive, and has strong corrosion risks. In the process, there are many outsourcing personnel, many special operations, and many cross operations. These are the difficult problems facing the soldiers. It is the cold winter month, I have to say this will be a test.
As the saying goes, don't fight unprepared battles. The production system is planned and prepared half a year in advance, and a special meeting is held to repeatedly discuss the overhaul project, demonstrate the technicality and necessity of the project, and formulate the overhaul plan. One-to-one on-site technical disclosure, annual inspection of pressure vessels and pressure pipelines entering the site in advance, and overall scheduling and coordination of upstream and downstream users. Production equipment, teams and groups carefully study the overhaul plan and technical plan, refine the division of labor, and put the responsibilities in place. The material supply department prepares the overhauled materials in advance, so as to take precautions and give priority to grain and grass. The HSE Department shall issue HSE control plan in advance, conduct safety training and education for contractors and external construction personnel, and clarify the requirements for operation management and ticket management. Logistics departments to do a good job in transportation, meals, accommodation and other logistics support work. The comprehensive management department set up an overhaul publicity team, hung banners and slogans, boosted morale, created an atmosphere, and implemented broadcasting, manuscript collection, manuscript writing, camera shooting, editing and other staff to cheer for the overhaul.
The simultaneous maintenance of the chlor-alkali and TCE production units is about to begin. The officers and men will conduct a comprehensive physical examination and consultation for the units like medical personnel one by one, and will play a wonderful movement like notes one by one, laying a solid foundation for the 2022 production units to be "stable and full of excellence.
Careful organization, careful deployment, riveting enthusiasm, close cooperation. Everything is for overhaul, everything is for service overhaul, everything is subject to overhaul, everything is guaranteed overhaul. I wish this overhaul a complete success!
Contributions from the Party and Mass Department (Dong Changjiang)

Electric instrument workshop overhaul mobilization meeting newsletter

We will further mobilize all employees to concentrate, cheer up, and actively participate in the overhaul work in 2022 with full enthusiasm. On December 30, the electrical instrument workshop held an overhaul mobilization meeting for management personnel above the team leader, demanding to conscientiously implement the company's overall goal of "safety, environmental protection, high quality and efficiency, economic optimization, and ensure a successful driving", carry forward the spirit of not fearing hardship and tiredness, and complete the overhaul task on schedule with high efficiency, quality and quantity, so as to lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the company's production task objectives and safe production this year.
To this end, the workshop on the overhaul work stressed: First, fully understand the importance of the overhaul. The extremely complex and severe external environment and the continuous adjustment of national policies have brought great challenges to our survival. In recent months, the price increase of raw materials and various safety accidents have sounded the alarm for us. Safe production is directly related to the life and death of the enterprise and the safety of the majority of employees. This overhaul should not only solve the various problems accumulated over the past year, but also complete a number of hidden danger management, technical transformation, pre-trial and fixed inspection. From the perspective of intrinsic safety, this overhaul will further improve the health level of the equipment, eliminate major hidden dangers, and provide a strong guarantee for the next round of long-term safe operation of electrical appliances and instruments. From the perspective of work tasks, it is necessary to fully realize the heavy workload, many projects and arduous tasks of this overhaul, and realize that this overhaul is the key to ensure that the company completes all business objectives for the whole year. Second, safety first, to ensure high quality and efficient completion of maintenance tasks. The task of this overhaul is heavy, with a large number of personnel participating in the war, a wide range of points, and complex cross-operation. All specialties and teams should form a joint force, continue to strengthen safety education, think in one place, and work hard in one place to ensure safe maintenance. Vigorously create a safety maintenance atmosphere, strengthen safety responsibility education, and do a good job in training and education. Strict safety supervision and inspection, strict implementation of safety responsibilities at all levels. Do a good job in the risk identification of the maintenance process, formulate a sound maintenance plan and emergency plan, so that all personnel can grasp the possible risks in the maintenance. Strict special operation ticket management. According to the electrical instrument inspection and maintenance procedures, ensure the maintenance quality. The third is to reasonably grasp the maintenance period to ensure that the overhaul is completed on time. The maintenance progress is to measure the comprehensive level of maintenance management. We must correctly handle the relationship between safety, quality and construction period, strengthen the overall arrangement of maintenance, ensure the progress network plan, avoid loose before and tight after or out of control of rhythm, and ensure the quality, quantity and schedule of maintenance.
Contribution from Electric Instrument Workshop (Zhang Fuhua)

2022 year overhaul prelude

In order to ensure the company to complete the overhaul task safely, with high quality, high efficiency and on time in 2022, the team applied and the device agreed. Our team used the rest time to clean the dust removal tower and dust removal air.Machine and dust removal pipeline, two days in advance of the safe, efficient, high-quality completion of the overhaul part of the overhaul project.
Before the operation, the operation ticket for confined space was handled in strict accordance with the requirements, the front and rear manholes were opened for ventilation, and the oxygen content in the pipeline was analyzed to be qualified. Although the dust removal pipe looks relatively large, people can only squat when entering it. This posture tests people's endurance. Dust inside the dust pipe is thicker, and the dust at the end is 40cm thick. When you move the shovel, the dust will fly, and it will be like a dust explosion in this confined space. Fortunately, the protective equipment is complete. Disposable protective clothing can wrap people tightly and leave only their faces. With the addition of a gas mask, you can be foolproof.
The medium of the dust removal tower and its pipeline is carbide slag slurry, which is the most prone to scaling. There is usually a large amount of sediment at the bottom of the tower and the pipeline. Due to the large amount, it is generally very soft, and it is also very convenient to remove it with a shovel. However, especially in some dead corners, the place is small and the scale is very hard, so it must be cleaned with an iron chisel.
After everyone's concerted efforts. The overhaul was finally completed. It has laid a solid foundation for the completion of the entire overhaul task ahead of schedule.
TCE Unit Class 3 Feed

Make every effort to do a good job in the "supply guarantee war" of overhauling materials"

According to the current situation of the company's production equipment operation needs, combined with the park BASF company parking overall arrangement, in order to eliminate production bottlenecks, hidden dangers, improve the reliability of production equipment, to achieve the goal of safe and stable operation in 2022. The company plans to carry out the annual overhaul from January 8 to January 15.
As the "logistics department" to ensure the demand for production materials, the supply and logistics department, after receiving the overhaul notice, quickly formulates response measures, decomposes and implements procurement tasks, implements specifications and quantities item by item, and implements responsibilities to people. it actively communicates with the production system about the demand for materials, sorts out more than 300 material plans and 15 outsourcing project plans, and takes "ensuring quality, progress and price" as the work requirements, efficient procurement of materials.
Overhaul has come to the point, whether the overhaul materials can be delivered on schedule has become a key factor. The Supply and Logistics Department has set up a material expediting ledger to track and implement the materials, and feed back the material information to the management personnel at all levels and the production line in real time to ensure that the production system can grasp the material information in time, and jointly control the quantity and quality of the materials entering the factory, so as to prevent the backlog of materials and the materials with low quality and high price from entering the factory. At present, the overhaul work is about to be fully carried out, and the Supply and Logistics Department will continue to make every effort to ensure the safe and orderly entry of overhaul materials into the plant site, so as to help the company's annual overhaul work to a successful conclusion!
Contribution from Supply Logistics Department (Chen Li)

Cold wind rustling into bone, hot blood, hot for overhaul

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the production task in 2022, the annual large-scale overhaul work will be officially launched on January 8. At that time, all departments of the company will work together to overhaul.
Three nine cold, the earth ice. Although the weather is getting colder and colder, the blood of Yingtianhui people is boiling hot. They are in an orderly manner and all preparations are carried out in an orderly manner. They are ready to go and are eager to try for the overhaul task in the new year. Their morale is high and their belief in successfully completing the task is burning in their hearts. They are bound to carry forward the spirit of Yingtianhui people's tenacious struggle and fearlessness, and devote themselves to the overhaul work with full work enthusiasm and positive work attitude. In them, I saw the power that belongs to our workers.
May you continue to carry forward the spirit of hard struggle in your work, show our spirit of Yingtianhui, complete the overhaul task with quality and quantity, and lay a solid foundation for this year's production and operation activities. Comrades! Roll up your sleeves and do it!
Contribution from Human Resources Department (Zhou Yaojun)

Plan carefully in advance

According to the deployment of the company's annual overhaul, the chlor-alkali plant shall be carefully organized, carefully arranged and fully deployed, and preparations for the overhaul in 2022 shall be carefully made. to ensure stable production in the coming year,The focus of the work in the first quarter is this maintenance task, which has laid a solid foundation for safe production in 2022.
In order to ensure the smooth progress of the overhaul, the company has made various preparations before the overhaul, and has prepared various overhaul plans and measures, on-site equipment and facilities, materials, scaffolding, etc. in advance. The overhaul involves nearly 300 projects, including 37 key projects, 12 technical transformations, and more than 200 general projects. There are many on-site cross operations, heavy tasks and high technical content. The three major batches of personnel divided this time are complex and numerous, and at the same time, it also increases the difficulty of safety factor, so our safety protection equipment must be implemented to individuals. On-site construction personnel can predict and prevent the dangerous points in advance, standardize the maintenance and put an end to illegal operations, and ensure the safety and quality of maintenance go hand in hand.
At present, the maintenance tools and materials of our device are basically in place, and are actively prepared under the leadership of the leadership organization, and all preparations are implemented in an orderly and efficient manner.
Contribution from chlor-alkali unit (Wu Guoxiang)

Overhaul, Yingtianhui

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On August 3, Li Xingjian, member of the standing Committee of the Changshou District CPC Committee and head of the United Front work Department, and Wei Beneng, deputy director of the United Front work Department of the District CPC Committee and secretary of the party group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, led a team to Yingtianhui to carry out a high-temperature condolence activity with the theme of "sending coolness in summer and reaching the front line of true feelings. Ying Tianhui deputy general manager Xiao Min accompanied the condolences.


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