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Chongqing City Hui Ying day chlor alkali chemical industry limited company in July 26th - "temporary repair high temperature hig

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ChongqingCityHuiYingdayChlorAlkaliChemicalCo.Ltd.HightemperatureisnothighheatJuly26th --temporaryrepair  Inordertoensuresafeproduction,eliminatesafetyhazards,in-depthimplementationanddevelopmentofhightemperature,stableproduction,reducecosts,increaseefficiencyspecialactivities.July26,TCEandchloralkaliplantcombinedwiththeactualproductionsituationandplannedtoshutdownandwithinthescopeoftheworkshoponproductionsiteandfacilitiesandequipment,tocarryoutmaintenanceactivities.Whenthesummer,hotsummer.SuchafireinChongqingCity,sotheweatherforfightinginthemaintenanceofeveryoneofthecomradesisundoubtedlyadoubletestofphysiologyandpsychology.Outsidethefierysundidnotstopworkshopinstructorsareinfullswingengageinmaintenanceofpassion,theirenthusiasmforworkthanthehotweatherhereathousandtimestenthousandtimes.Ifyoulookhere,Chaomonitorwithtwocolleaguesintheelectrolyticrepairsectionofbrineleak,attentiontotheirdemeanor,cooperatetacitunderstanding,althoughthethickjeanshadbeenwetwithsweat,butstillinsistontheleakrepair.There,mechanicalandelectricalinstrumentworkshop,deputydirectoroftheXuYuan,ledthemachineclassmonitorChenjiangalsoseveralcolleaguesaresynthetichydrochloricacidsectionofplateheatexchangerandvalverepair,theyworeahelmet,sometimesstandingsometimessquat,sometimestobowtheirheadsandsometimesbending,whetheritisafewmeterslargeequipmenthookortensofcentimeterslongpincers,theyareusingtheflexible,youseethatfromtimetotimeMars4shootcuttingmachine,asifthemaintenancetasksandimprovethe"heat".AccordingtoChensquadleader,theystartworkfrommorningtoafternoon,15:00hasbeenincontinuousoperation,evenatnoontoeatmealsaretakingturnstoreplacethe.Insuchweatherconditions,Ithinkwealreadyaretired,buttheytalkfunny,laughingabitalsothereisnolackofpositiveandoptimistic,Iwastheirenthusiasmisinfectious,suddenlyfeelingaloteasier.Looktheretochlorinegascompressorgascleaningtwomaster,theyarealreadyregardlessofthesurroundingpeoplelaughing,bentabsorbedwillbeinfrontofthemachinecleaningandmaintenanceofthegood.,ofcourse,istheancient"womendoesnotallowaman",looksweakfemalecomradeshavenotbeenhigh-temperaturescare,billboardsfronttheyareearnestlywithchalkbrushstrokewriteanewdesignoftheblackboard.Presentedherejustoverhaulworkcarriedoutafewmoments,aswellasourdozensofamiableandrespectablecolleaguesatthesametimefightinginthemaintenanceofaline,althoughtheyheadbeanbigsweatstreamingdown,bodywiththickcowboymountedalreadysuchaswashingingeneralattachedtothebody,buttheynoawordofcomplaint.Notasingleflowerinspring,Allflowersbloomtogether.fragrantgarden.ChloralkaliplantandTCEworkshopmaintenancepersonnelofthecommonfight,thesafetyandeliminatehiddendangersinthebud,toensurethesafeandcivilizedproductionworkshop,atthesametime,anewsteptoenhancethesafetyproductionandmanagement.Theheatoftheirworkhasovercomethetemperatureoftheweather,andmadeanindeliblecontributiontothedevelopmentof.
Chongqing City Hui Ying day Chlor Alkali Chemical Co. Ltd.
High temperature is not high heat
July 26th
-- temporary repair
In order to ensure safe production, eliminate safety hazards, in-depth implementation and development of high temperature, stable production, reduce costs, increase efficiency special activities. July 26, TCE and chlor alkali plant combined with the actual production situation and planned to shut down and within the scope of the workshop on production site and facilities and equipment, to carry out maintenance activities.
When the summer, hot summer. Such a fire in Chongqing City, so the weather for fighting in the maintenance of every one of the comrades is undoubtedly a double test of physiology and psychology. Outside the fiery sun did not stop workshop instructors are in full swing engage in maintenance of passion, their enthusiasm for work than the hot weather here a thousand times ten thousand times. If you look here, Chao monitor with two colleagues in the electrolytic repair section of brine leak, attention to their demeanor, cooperate tacit understanding, although the thick jeans had been wet with sweat, but still insist on the leak repair. There, mechanical and electrical instrument workshop, deputy director of the Xu Yuan, led the machine class monitor Chenjiang also several colleagues are synthetic hydrochloric acid section of plate heat exchanger and valve repair, they wore a helmet, sometimes standing sometimes squat, sometimes to bow their heads and sometimes bending, whether it is a few meters large equipment hook or tens of centimeters long pincers, they are using the flexible, you see that from time to time Mars 4 shoot cutting machine, as if the maintenance tasks and improve the "heat". According to Chen squad leader, they start work from morning to afternoon, 15:00 has been in continuous operation, even at noon to eat meals are taking turns to replace the. In such weather conditions, I think we already are tired, but they talk funny, laughing a bit also there is no lack of positive and optimistic, I was their enthusiasm is infectious, suddenly feeling a lot easier. Look there to chlorine gas compressor gas cleaning two master, they are already regardless of the surrounding people laughing, bent absorbed will be in front of the machine cleaning and maintenance of the good. , of course, is the ancient "women does not allow a man", looks weak female comrades have not been high-temperature scare, billboards front they are earnestly with chalk brushstroke write a new design of the blackboard.
Presented here just overhaul work carried out a few moments, as well as our dozens of amiable and respectable colleagues at the same time fighting in the maintenance of a line, although they head bean big sweat streaming down, body with thick cowboy mounted already such as washing in general attached to the body, but they no a word of complaint.
Not a single flower in spring, All flowers bloom together. fragrant garden. Chlor alkali plant and TCE workshop maintenance personnel of the common fight, the safety and eliminate hidden dangers in the bud, to ensure the safe and civilized production workshop, at the same time, a new step to enhance the safety production and management. The heat of their work has overcome the temperature of the weather, and made an indelible contribution to the development of.
Hui Ying  Hui Ying