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Chongqing City Hui Ying day chlor alkali chemical industry limited company in July 26th - "temporary repair" will hold a pen to

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ChongqingCityHuiYingdayChlorAlkaliChemicalCo.Ltd.Holdingpentowriteperseverance  --Record39degreeshightemperaturetodotheblackboardnewspapertwofemalestudents  Youfight,drippingwithsweat,dedicationtotheyouth.Iholdapentowrite,lofty,cohesionandmorale!IfIwereyou,Iwouldbeabletopickupthewrenchonthegroundandmovemyarmsaroundtomaintainadevicethatwouldneverbedamaged.IfIwereyou,Iwillbeabletotooktheguninyourhand,inthehotsunwithsweatandhardworkinaneverleakageofpipelinewelding.IfIwereyou,Iwillbeabletobarearms,carrytheleverandyoushoutChuanjiang,theweightofthevalveliftpipe.ButI'mnotyour,Ican'taffordtotakemorespannerandisalsoconnectedbutyouareinthehandsoftheweldingtorch,lifttheheavyvalve,I'msorryIcan'tfightsidebysidewithyou.ButIcanusemyhandsbeatchalkforyourousingcheer,cheer,weuseitrecordyoursweat,writeyourstory,letthecomfortsofblackandwhiteandcolormatchcooloasis,inthesummersunandimpetuous,giveyoubroughttomind.Whosayswecan'tfightsidebyside,IjustuseourwayandyoutogetherreflectTianhuibetter,tooffertheirownstrength,yousweatwritingdedicationandselflessdedication,weuseapen,writingreflectsthespiritofTianhui,drawstheoutlineoftheYingHuidaydream.Athousandsailscompete,byseasailingFenfirst.YingdayHuiwillbeonthebroadroadofthedevelopmentofamajesticexhibition,stimulatedafterblooming,writedownabrilliant,historicalmedalswithyourdedicationtomypay.
Chongqing City Hui Ying day Chlor Alkali Chemical Co. Ltd.
Holding pen to write perseverance
-- Record 39 degrees high temperature to do the blackboard newspaper two female students
You fight, dripping with sweat, dedication to the youth. I hold a pen to write, lofty, cohesion and morale!
If I were you, I would be able to pick up the wrench on the ground and move my arms around to maintain a device that would never be damaged.
If I were you, I will be able to took the gun in your hand, in the hot sun with sweat and hard work in a never leakage of pipeline welding.
If I were you, I will be able to bare arms, carry the lever and you shout Chuanjiang, the weight of the valve lift pipe.
But I'm not your, I can't afford to take more spanner and is also connected but you are in the hands of the welding torch, lift the heavy valve, I'm sorry I can't fight side by side with you. But I can use my hands beat chalk for you rousing cheer, cheer, we use it record your sweat, write your story, let the comforts of black and white and color match cool oasis, in the summer sun and impetuous, give you brought to mind. Who says we can't fight side by side, I just use our way and you together reflect Tianhui better, to offer their own strength, you sweat writing dedication and selfless dedication, we use a pen, writing reflects the spirit of Tianhui, draws the outline of the Ying Hui day dream.
A thousand sails compete, by sea sailing Fen first. Ying day Hui will be on the broad road of the development of a majestic exhibition, stimulated after blooming, write down a brilliant, historical medals with your dedication to my pay.
Hui Ying  Hui Ying