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Chongqing City Hui Ying day chlor alkali chemical industry limited company in July 26th - on temporary repair

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ChongqingCityHuiYingdayChlorAlkaliChemicalCo.Ltd.UnderthescorchingsunJuly26th --temporaryrepair  Summer,thescorchingsun,thesunbakedtheearth,butalsoatestofeveryoneinvolvedinthemaintenanceintyteruhito.Of"warhightemperature,stableproduction,costreduction,increaseefficiency"specialactivitiesbettercarriedout,improvetheoperationofdevice,eliminatingproductiondefectsandsafetyhazards,July26,thecompanyaccordingtotheplanoftwoproductiondevicewereshutdownformaintenance.Therepairtimeisoneday,overhaulprojectmorethan20items,canbedescribedastimeistight,heavytask,productionleadersatalllevelsinthesystemearlyplan,aheadofthedeployment,maintenanceworkaccordingtotheplancarriedoutinanorderlymanner.Intotherepairsite,everywhereonefacesweat,wetclothesoverhaulworkersfigure,theysometimesstationsometimessquat,sometimestobowtheirheadsandsometimesbending,againsttheglareofthesun,shuttlebackandforthinthebleachedRoad,inroastedhotpipetoclimbupanddown,theyremovesome,someinstallation,somecheck,somemeasurement,analysispersonnel,technicalstaff,securitypersonnelalsoatthescenetostandby,alltheirduties,cooperatewitheachother,eachtaskareorderly...Thisexposuretothevigoroussitemaintenance,faceOneswelteringmaintenanceworkerheartsurgingbillowingpassionandsincererespect.Coveredwithgreasydirtoverallsinterpretationoftheirhard,callousedhandsinterprettheirtoil.Istheydidnotforgettheirown,dayandnight,withsweatandwisdominexchangeforthenormaloperationofequipment,istheirstrongwillandthecouragetoact,persistentdedication,noregretsandforgethereflectedthemainstreamcultureofTianhui.Onlyinthesunbeforethemandwhatismeantbytest?
Chongqing City Hui Ying day Chlor Alkali Chemical Co. Ltd.
Under the scorching sun
July 26th
-- temporary repair
Summer, the scorching sun, the sun baked the earth, but also a test of every one involved in the maintenance inty teruhito. Of "war high temperature, stable production, cost reduction, increase efficiency" special activities better carried out, improve the operation of device, eliminating production defects and safety hazards, July 26, the company according to the plan of two production device were shut down for maintenance. The repair time is one day, overhaul project more than 20 items, can be described as time is tight, heavy task, production leaders at all levels in the system early plan, ahead of the deployment, maintenance work according to the plan carried out in an orderly manner.
Into the repair site, everywhere one face sweat, wet clothes overhaul workers figure, they sometimes station sometimes squat, sometimes to bow their heads and sometimes bending, against the glare of the sun, shuttle back and forth in the bleached Road, in roasted hot pipe to climb up and down, they remove some, some installation, some check, some measurement, analysis personnel, technical staff, security personnel also at the scene to standby, all their duties, cooperate with each other, each task are orderly...
This exposure to the vigorous site maintenance, face One sweltering maintenance worker heart surging billowing passion and sincere respect. Covered with greasy dirt overalls interpretation of their hard, calloused hands interpret their toil. Is they did not forget their own, day and night, with sweat and wisdom in exchange for the normal operation of equipment, is their strong will and the courage to act, persistent dedication, no regrets and forge the reflected the mainstream culture of Tianhui. Only in the sun before them and what is meant by test?
Hui Ying  Hui Ying