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Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. Electrolytic Cell Successfully Assembled-Brief News


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Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.

Electrolytic cell assembly completed smoothly

The annual overhaul of electrolyzers is a very important part. In ordinary years, it is common to change several membranes for each set. The polar plates and ion-exchange membranes will be replaced on a large scale every few years. This year is such a special year. Starting from March 10, it will be carried out simultaneously with the annual overhaul. As Yingtianhui develops gradually, the production load will be further increased, more than 800 plates and ion-exchange membranes in 12 cells of 6 sets of electrolyzers were all replaced this year. By April 4, with the active cooperation of the company's leaders and employees, the electrolyzers finally welcomed the completion of all assembly and successful one-time start-up, making positive contributions to the production development of the whole year.
This year is an unusual year. First of all, in terms of quantity, the number of electrolytic cells was 4 at the beginning, which increased to 6 in the past two years due to the need of production. The second is the replacement of polar plates. In previous years, part of them were updated, or new polar plates from manufacturers were used. This year, most of the polar plates were carefully stripped, polished and polished piece by piece by colleagues, because the polar plates have a long service life and the aging problem is serious, it took them about 10 days to repair alone. It is estimated that 300 bottles of paint removal spray will actually use more than 1000 bottles. More than a dozen sets of floor moppers and polishing grinding wheels will be operated at the same time, and the repair volume will reach up to 80 pieces per day. Once again, the personnel were equipped. In the past, two maintenance workers were assigned to each group, six were assigned to disassemble and assemble the electrolytic tank, and more than a dozen operators were fixed, the transfer of personnel from the maintenance class and the production class also has a certain impact on the production. The shortage of the number of personnel also further increases the difficulty of the work. Due to the complicated tasks and heavy responsibilities this year, some of the assembly personnel of the electrolytic cell are transferred from Yingtianhui itself, while the other part is composed of PPS project employees, with a total number of 70, including 20 leaders and 50 ordinary employees, the "one-to-one" guidance work is basically realized. The daily staff is roughly 12 maintenance workers (3 are transferred from the maintenance team and 9 are supported by Lion Science and Technology) and 20 operators. Finally, in the aspect of ionic membrane, many old membranes were used in order to save costs in the past. Although the old membranes save costs, they have serious deficiencies in assembly efficiency and service life, moreover, it is easy to rework the installed cells for the second time due to problems, which seriously affects the work progress and labor intensity. This year, all ion-exchange membranes adopt brand-new original membranes, which further accelerates the work progress and further improves the work efficiency. The total cost of the electrolytic cell ion membrane replacement is over 1000 million yuan.
The assembly of the electrolytic cell must first be prepared. Before the formal work starts, each department has made a reasonable arrangement of personnel and tools and materials, and has planned and handled the work requirements and steps, so that the assembly can be completed at the highest speed, high quality, high efficiency, safe and stable as soon as the work starts. Each ionic membrane needs about 6 operators to pull and smooth at the same time, and by the upper and lower four maintenance workers to tighten, other personnel are responsible for flushing water switch, some plate ion membrane hoisting, some overflow pipe cleaning and replacement, some are responsible for leak test and pressure test, some are responsible for power transmission, some are responsible for sensing debugging... all work is in the concerted efforts of everyone, active cooperation and help to complete the smooth completion.
This work can not only show the strong maintenance ability of our company, but also reflect the excellent work enthusiasm of our employees who can do great things, unite to do great things, and unite to do great things. As long as everyone works together, in the future development road, the concept of taking the factory as home is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so that every employee can take the factory's affairs as his own, the difficulties of the factory are solved as their own difficulties. With such a spirit, why should an enterprise worry about its own development!

Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.

                                                                                                 April 9, 2017

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