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Thinking behind an accident


Ying Tianhui Office

This year, there was an interlocking parking accident in our class. Two colleagues accidentally knocked off a level gauge line terminal with interlocking when adding a safety barrier to DCS cabinet, causing an interlocking parking accident with low liquid level. Through the investigation of this matter, it is found that everyone is not careful in the process of doing things, the sense of responsibility is not strong, and the monitoring personnel are not in place. Originally, two people were arranged to work together for the maintenance of important instruments, one working and the other monitoring. As a result, both of them were working at the same time, each working separately, which did not play a role in monitoring. In addition, everyone was not familiar with the interlocking instruments, and the signs were not eye-catching the signs. Taking this accident as a machine, each member of our class has made a profound self-analysis to find out the shortcomings in normal maintenance. In the future, we should strictly follow the maintenance procedures, make various risk analysis before operation, take protective measures against risks, make maintenance plans, keep close contact with process personnel, and wait until the process is qualified and the maintenance conditions are met before operation. Especially for the instruments involved in SIS system, from the field detection instrument to the terminal of the cabinet room, from the cabinet room to the solenoid valve, valve and other instruments controlled on site, SIS interlocking instrument identification shall be hung and the identification shall be eye-catching, so that everyone can know that the instrument belongs to interlocking instrument at first sight. During maintenance, the instrument interlock shall be properly released and the error cannot be understood repeatedly. At ordinary times, we should pay more attention to remember all kinds of important instruments, interlocking instruments and the instruments associated with them. Only after we are familiar with them can we know fairly well and be accurate.

After this accident, all kinds of interlocking instrument signs have been hung up. In the usual patrol inspection, careful inspection should be carried out. If the signs are found to be unclear or lost, they should be repaired in time. Focus on the operation of these instruments. If problems are found, they must be reported and dealt with immediately. We should learn from the experience and lessons from this accident. While maintaining the instrument, we should spend time and strive to improve our business level. We should not only learn the knowledge of instrument, but also be familiar with the knowledge of production process, management and other aspects, so as to improve ourselves in an all-round way. When we encounter problems, we can deal with them accurately and quickly, only in this way can we escort the production of "stable and full of excellence.

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Yingtianhui Held Safety Production Summary Meeting in the First Half of the Year

On August 17, Yingtianhui held a summary of work safety in the first half of 2023 and a work plan meeting for the third quarter. Tian Shujing, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman of the board and director of the safety committee of the company, presided over the meeting. A total of 39 company leaders, members of the safety committee, professional leaders and safety management personnel attended the meeting.


Yingtianhui Launches Middle-level Management Quality Improvement Class Training

In order to improve the leadership and execution of middle-level managers, strengthen communication and cooperation, and improve their overall quality, Yingtianhui carried out middle-level management quality improvement training in the form of special lectures or case analysis from July 21 to November 3 according to the training plan at the beginning of the year.


Li Xingjian, member of the Standing Committee of Changshou District Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department of Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd., led a team to Yingtianhui to carry out a cool and refreshing condolence activity.

On August 3, Li Xingjian, member of the standing Committee of the Changshou District CPC Committee and head of the United Front work Department, and Wei Beneng, deputy director of the United Front work Department of the District CPC Committee and secretary of the party group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, led a team to Yingtianhui to carry out a high-temperature condolence activity with the theme of "sending coolness in summer and reaching the front line of true feelings. Ying Tianhui deputy general manager Xiao Min accompanied the condolences.


Yingtianhui organized the safety knowledge competition of "everyone talks about safety, everyone will respond to emergencies"

In order to thoroughly publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on production safety, comprehensively promote production safety publicity and education, enhance the self-protection awareness and emergency rescue ability of the broad masses of workers, and lay a solid foundation for the company's production safety. On June 27, Yingtianhui organized a safety knowledge competition of "everyone talks about safety, everyone will respond to emergencies.


Yingtianhui Successfully Held the Art Party of "Practicing New Ideas, Showing New Ideas and Striving for New Journey"

In order to solemnly celebrate the 102 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and carry forward the great party building spirit, Yingtianhui held a theatrical performance with the theme of "Practicing New Ideas and Showing New as a New Journey" on the evening of June 27.