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Yingtianhui has made remarkable achievements in several safety and environmental protection emergency drills-a brief report.


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Yingtianhui has made remarkable achievements in several safety and environmental protection emergency drills.

In 2017, various safety accidents occurred frequently in the chemical industry. Yingtianhui took the TCE workshop as the key area. Starting from the actual situation and combining with the production characteristics of the enterprise, it carried out safety and environmental protection emergency drills such as fire and combustion of acetylene gas cabinet and chlorine leakage from chlorine drying tower, thus effectively improving the emergency rescue management level of the workshop.

The acetylene gas cabinet is a major hazard source of Yingtianhui and the core equipment of TCE workshop production, and the integrity of the gas cabinet is an important basis for the stable operation of the system. If the occurrence of corrosion, equipment perforation caused by acetylene gas leakage, is a major safety hazard. For this reason, the TCE workshop organizes special emergency drills for specific processes and specific equipment every year, aiming to improve the handling capacity and response level of all employees in emergency situations.

Chlorine leakage is a routine subject of the drill. Through the drill, the employees have mastered the disposal method after the chlorine leakage, and can handle the leakage calmly, quickly and effectively. This year Yingtianhui added a drill subject for leakage of organic materials from trichloroethylene storage tanks. With the high pressure of environmental protection requirements and management, enterprises are paying more and more attention to the leakage disposal of chemical materials. Material leakage will not only cause environmental pollution, but also how to effectively recycle and dispose of it is also a topic. Through the drill, the staff at the post have mastered the disposal steps of material leakage, how to achieve source control, effective recovery, and reduce or eliminate environmental pollution.

The safety and process technology experts from the relevant departments of the company went to the site to guide each drill, commented on the whole drill process, and modified and improved the drill according to the comments to make it more operable and effective. "Training for war, the trained soldiers are the heroes." Effective rehearsal plans and constant practice are the only way to be prepared, and formalism and deception are bound to show their true colors. The drill is not for watching, but for preparing for war. Every drill, summary and improvement is aimed at greatly improving the ability of employees to deal with emergency rescue and emergency rescue.

Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.

November 13, 2017

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