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The contradiction between production and demand intensifying the reshuffle of domestic chlor-alkali industry has quietly arrived.


In the past 10 years, China's chlor-alkali industry has developed rapidly and has become one of the world's largest chlor-alkali producers. In 2003, factors such as the success of anti-dumping of PVC and the rise in crude oil prices promoted the rapid expansion of domestic calcium carbide PVC production capacity. From 2003 to 2013, domestic PVC production increased from more than 400 million tons to more than 1500 million tons.
If the chlor-alkali industry has entered a period of adjustment and transformation after the 2008 financial crisis, then with the continuous release of new plant capacity and the continued downturn in downstream market demand, the accelerated reshuffle of the domestic chlor-alkali industry has quietly arrived.
At present, the situation facing chlor-alkali enterprises is extremely grim. The capacity release of the new expansion plant is still continuing. In 2014, the new capacity of PVC planned to be put into production will reach more than 300 million tons, and the production capacity of caustic soda will reach more than 500 million tons. Coupled with the low utilization efficiency of the device and the fierce competition for product homogeneity, the structural contradiction of the imbalance between supply and demand in the chlor-alkali industry has gradually emerged. In the current environment of increasing downward pressure on the economy, the product prices and costs of chlor-alkali enterprises in China are upside down, the market prices continue to run at a low level, the shrinking market demand leads to unsalable products, most enterprises reduce profits or even lose money, and the production and operation of enterprises are in a difficult situation. The eastern region is close to the product market, and the level of local consumption and foreign export is relatively high; while the western region is rich in coal and electricity resources, and the industry concentration is relatively high through low-cost expansion by virtue of resource advantages and scale advantages. The eastern and western enterprises coexist, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.
The chlor-alkali industry is bound to shuffle in the fierce market competition. In order to obtain sufficient raw material protection, the transfer of China's PVC industry from the east to the central and western regions is the general trend, and will gradually form an industrial pattern dominated by calcium carbide PVC in the west and supplemented by ethylene PVC in the east. With the acceleration of the integration of the chlor-alkali industry, some enterprises with low technology content, small scale and high pollution will gradually lose
Competitiveness, some large chlor-alkali enterprises with scale advantages will stand out in the industry reshuffle process. After the continuous adjustment of the industrial structure, the chlor-alkali industry will gradually develop from a single industry to a diversified industry with a high degree of resource transformation, and form a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and efficient circular economy development model.
With the rapid growth of PVC production capacity and output, most enterprises will gradually form an organic whole of raw material supply, production and processing, marketing and logistics and transportation. In the fiercely competitive market environment, enterprises will continue to tap their internal potential, strengthen their health, and gradually transition from extensive management to standardized and refined management mode through changing management thinking, so as to enhance the market risk resistance ability of enterprises.
In the process of integration, chlor-alkali enterprises must take advantage of the situation and actively take effective measures. Relying on resource advantages and circular transformation development, a complete industrial chain of coal, raw salt, electricity, calcium carbide, polyvinyl chloride, and waste slag cement should be formed, and circular development, low-carbon development, and efficient development should be adhered to to reduce production costs. With the rapid expansion of production capacity, structural overcapacity of chlor-alkali has become an indisputable fact. Chlor-alkali enterprises should adjust measures to local conditions, increase the derivative strength of downstream products, and at the same time avoid product homogenization competition according to market demand. Enterprises should also continue to innovate marketing models, take new ways such as online transactions, optimize distribution networks, seize market share, and expand brand influence.

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