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Yingtianhui TCE device to carry out fire safety training


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Yingtianhui TCE device to carry out fire safety training

In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of the installation personnel, actively promote the construction of the "four capabilities" of fire safety, and ensure the safe operation of the installation, on the morning of May 12, TCE equipment carried out fire safety knowledge training and emergency fire fighting drills. The training is presided over by Li Qiang, the installation safety officer, and is conducted in batches by teams.

First of all, Li Qiang briefly introduced the current form of fire safety. He said that fires occur from time to time across the country, and the form is very severe. The occurrence of fires will not only endanger lives and cause huge property losses, but also destroy the ecological balance and threaten public safety and social development. The calcium carbide and acetylene gas involved in the device are flammable and explosive substances, which are the key and difficult points of fire control, as well as the key and difficult points of safe production. If there is no accident at ordinary times, it is a major event. We should play the spirit of twelve points, and effectively improve the four capabilities of fire safety, to protect the safety of production.

Then, Li Qiang shared a few typical fire accident cases for everyone to discuss, so that everyone put themselves in the same situation to think about how to deal. Combined with the detailed analysis of the causes and processes of the accident cases, we learn from each other and benefit a lot.

Finally, Li Qiang introduced in detail the fire safety facilities and equipment equipped with the device and their use methods, focusing on the inspection, use and maintenance of dry powder fire extinguishers. At the same time, he guided everyone in the team to carry out operation drills, emphasizing the key points of fire extinguishing operation, and selecting the right fire extinguishing agent, fire extinguishing direction and fire extinguishing parts.

Through this training, everyone has a new understanding of fire safety, and they are more proficient in the operation of fire extinguishers. They will strictly implement various fire safety systems, strengthen daily inspections and inspections to ensure that there are no problems at the production site, and will actively participate in fire drills. Be aware of it to ensure that once a problem occurs, it can be dealt with quickly and minimize the harm of the accident.


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