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[First Line Dynamics] War Reactor


Ying Tianhui Office

Recently, the TCE unit used the opportunity of replacing the catalyst in reactor B to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of the dehydrochlorination reactor.

There are many procedures for this overhaul of the reactor, with heavy workload in each link and difficult working conditions. In order to complete the maintenance task as soon as possible, TCE device organizes the production team and maintenance team to go all out and work overtime to carry out catalyst unloading, steel jade ball cleaning, steel wire mesh inspection and replacement, etc. to speed up the maintenance speed of the reactor to ensure that heavy load production can be resumed as soon as possible.

Both unloading and loading fireballs and catalysts are heavy physical activities. Fireballs are divided into two layers, large and small, and there are no artifacts to separate them. Therefore, everyone must have a high sense of responsibility and be patient and careful in sorting them.Fireball long-term in trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, tetrachloroethane and other gas environment, with a larger pungent odor, we wear a good gas masks and goggles under the rotation work. The mask was full of condensed water from breathing, and the work clothes vest was also sweaty, leaving a circle of white marks. I was really tired, so I leaned against the wall to rest. After a while, I "resurrected with blood" and continued to work.

Cleaning and blocking tubes is also a work to test physical strength and sense of responsibility. The reactor has more than 1000 tubes, and the tubes are 4 meters long. When cleaning and blocking, you should carefully check whether the tubes are blocked row by row. If you accidentally look at the eyes, you may repeat the work, or if you miss some tubes, you should not only be patient, but also be careful and pay attention. Under the leadership of team leaders Hu Shiqiang and Chen Bin, everyone made their own cleaning tools, and team members took turns to clean up.

Finally, with everyone's concerted efforts, the overhaul was successfully completed. After the completion of the work, everyone sat together, "look at my hand here is broken." The other also said, "My palm is broken here," as if showing off a medal of merit.


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Yingtianhui Held Safety Production Summary Meeting in the First Half of the Year

On August 17, Yingtianhui held a summary of work safety in the first half of 2023 and a work plan meeting for the third quarter. Tian Shujing, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman of the board and director of the safety committee of the company, presided over the meeting. A total of 39 company leaders, members of the safety committee, professional leaders and safety management personnel attended the meeting.


Yingtianhui Launches Middle-level Management Quality Improvement Class Training

In order to improve the leadership and execution of middle-level managers, strengthen communication and cooperation, and improve their overall quality, Yingtianhui carried out middle-level management quality improvement training in the form of special lectures or case analysis from July 21 to November 3 according to the training plan at the beginning of the year.


Li Xingjian, member of the Standing Committee of Changshou District Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department of Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd., led a team to Yingtianhui to carry out a cool and refreshing condolence activity.

On August 3, Li Xingjian, member of the standing Committee of the Changshou District CPC Committee and head of the United Front work Department, and Wei Beneng, deputy director of the United Front work Department of the District CPC Committee and secretary of the party group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, led a team to Yingtianhui to carry out a high-temperature condolence activity with the theme of "sending coolness in summer and reaching the front line of true feelings. Ying Tianhui deputy general manager Xiao Min accompanied the condolences.


Yingtianhui organized the safety knowledge competition of "everyone talks about safety, everyone will respond to emergencies"

In order to thoroughly publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on production safety, comprehensively promote production safety publicity and education, enhance the self-protection awareness and emergency rescue ability of the broad masses of workers, and lay a solid foundation for the company's production safety. On June 27, Yingtianhui organized a safety knowledge competition of "everyone talks about safety, everyone will respond to emergencies.


Yingtianhui Successfully Held the Art Party of "Practicing New Ideas, Showing New Ideas and Striving for New Journey"

In order to solemnly celebrate the 102 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and carry forward the great party building spirit, Yingtianhui held a theatrical performance with the theme of "Practicing New Ideas and Showing New as a New Journey" on the evening of June 27.