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Remarkable effect of heat dissipation transformation of chlorine press motor


Ying Tianhui Office

The heat dissipation of chlorine compressor motor is a long-running problem. When the motor temperature exceeds 90 degrees Celsius, it will cause damage to the motor bearings and seriously affect the long-term stable operation. In previous years, although the heat dissipation method of the temporary fan can reduce the temperature to 80Degree or so, but also can barely cope with the problem, the effect is not satisfactory.

This year, after repeated discussions and practices in the electromechanical instrument workshop, it was found that the use of powerful small fans to blow and dissipate heat from local heat at fixed points has a better overall cooling effect and saves more electricity than the previous use of large fans. It also eliminates the problem of fans and lines being placed everywhere, and the cooling effect can reach 60-70 degrees. This time, a total of 1#2#3# has been renovated#Three chlorine presses. The first one is 3#, use the bracket to fix the small fan to align with the front end bearing of the motor for heat dissipation, but later found that this is not conducive to normal maintenance and patrol observation, and the fan also has certain hidden dangers beside the main shaft. Therefore, the transformation scheme is further optimized. The lifting lug of the motor is used to make a splint to fix the small fan on the motor for heat dissipation, which does not affect the normal maintenance and is more practical.

The implementation of the heat dissipation transformation of the chlorine compressor has been effective, which is the result of continuous improvement and debugging. I always hear the staff say, "As long as the progress is faster than the aging speed of the equipment, the equipment will be better and better." I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, the company's equipment management work will definitely reach a higher level!

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