New method "carved" the fastest flexible silicon transistor


The scientific research team of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States wrote in the journal Science Reports published on the 20th that they used a unique method to develop the fastest flexible silicon-based transistor that can wirelessly transmit data and energy. It is expected to be used in many fields including wearable electronic devices and sensors.
The current cut-off frequency of this flexible silicon transistor is a record 38 gigahertz (GHz), and simulations show that its highest cut-off frequency can even be as high as 110 gigahertz (GHz). In the computer field, the higher the cut-off frequency, the faster the processing speed of the transistor.
The study was led by Zhenqiang Ma, a professor of electronics and computers and engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and by Kim Jong-hoon, a scientist. They used low-temperature processing to draw circuits on flexible single-silicon transistors placed on a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate with the help of simple and inexpensive nanoimprint technology.
In conventional selective doping methods, impurities are generally introduced into a material at precise locations to enhance its conductivity, but sometimes the dopant is mixed into regions of the material where it does not belong, resulting in a short channel effect. But in the latest study, the researchers took a different approach: using a dopant to cover the monocrystalline silicon instead of selective doping.
They added a layer of photosensitive material to the transistor, and used electron beam lithography to create a reusable nano-pattern model on it; then according to the pattern in the model, a dry etching process was used to cut a precise nano-trench on the silicon, and a wide switch that can be used as a switch was added to the trench.
Because the high-performance transistor has a unique three-dimensional current pattern, it consumes less power and is more efficient. Moreover, compared with the traditional manufacturing process, the new method can be divided into narrower trenches, which will also help to cluster more transistors on a single electronic device.
Ma Zhenqiang pointed out that the latest method is easy to upgrade, for high-performance, low-cost roll-to-roll process, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to produce high-performance transistors with wireless Internet access at a lower cost.

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