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Chongqing Jiangbei Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd. Firmly Belief, Enhance Confidence and Release Positive Energy of Youth-Briefing


Briefing on Chongqing Jiangbei Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd.Group Office Finishing Reports[2014] No. 2
Firmly Faith, Enhance Confidence, Release the Positive Energy of Youth
-- Sidesights of the Symposium on Young and Middle-aged Backbones of Chemical Fertilizers
2014 is a key year for the strategic transformation of enterprises. Cooperation and reorganization with chemical medicine, stable urea production organization and excellent chlor-alkali industrial structure are important topics at present. This is an opportunity period for corporate reform, and it is a critical period for concerted efforts. On May 23, the company's Youth League Committee organized a symposium for young and middle-aged backbone representatives of the fertilizer branch with the theme of "strengthening faith, enhancing confidence, and releasing the positive energy of youth. Company Chairman Liu Hua, Senior Management Consultant Officer Juelu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Deng Jirong and other company leaders at home were invited to attend.
At the forum, the company's leaders had face-to-face exchanges with young backbones to understand the ideological trends of young workers, share their work and life experiences, and encourage young people to create excellence in their posts and realize the value of life. The atmosphere of the meeting was very active. Based on their own experience and actual work, the youth representatives at the meeting talked about their experiences, feelings, and suggestions on further strengthening production organization, deepening resource integration, stabilizing the workforce, and suggesting enterprise development, fully reflecting the dedication and spirit of the majority of young people.
After carefully listening to the opinions and suggestions of the key representatives attending the meeting, Comrade Deng Jirong, deputy secretary of the party committee of the company, put forward work requirements at the meeting. He pointed out: backbone is the cornerstone of Jianghua; youth is the hope of the enterprise. I hope that everyone will strengthen their ideals and beliefs, maintain youthful vitality, establish a high sense of responsibility, and work with the company to go against the trend and overcome the difficulties together. Secretary Deng stressed: under the current difficult situation, it is necessary to make use of the mass line education and practice activities, do a good job in ideological propaganda work at the grass-roots level, guide young workers to correctly understand the current complexity and sensitivity, and fully see the strategic thinking and own advantages of enterprises, so as to strengthen their belief in victory into a crisis. It is necessary to guide the majority of young people to take the initiative, temper their skills, twist into a rope, form a force, take the lead in giving play to the role of young people and commandos, and contribute youth to the scientific development of enterprises.
At the meeting, senior management consultant Guan Juelu, assistant general manager Wang Xiaoping, Yan Chenglin, Duan Maoyou and other leaders interacted with everyone from time to time to discuss and communicate, and said: The company has always attached great importance to youth work. Under the current difficult situation, it is all the more necessary for young backbones to strengthen their beliefs, enhance their confidence, pass on the positive energy of youth to every employee, and give full play to the exemplary and leading role of youth. At the same time, it is hoped that the young and middle-aged backbones of the company will strive for excellence and make contributions in the tough battle of the enterprise, seize opportunities and make a difference in the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and achieve a win-win situation between personal growth and enterprise transformation and upgrading.
Finally, Chairman Liu Hua spoke highly of the contribution of young backbones to their minds and suggestions. Liu Dong pointed out that youth is the future of the enterprise, and Jianghua has deep hopes for the development of youth, and it is the unshirkable responsibility of enterprise managers to pay attention to the growth and development of young people. Liu Dong stressed that at present, the enterprise is in a critical period of historical inspection, transformation and development, and cooperation and reorganization. The young backbone of the company should correct its posture and cheer up its spirit, not only have indomitable fighting spirit, but also have the drive to forge ahead; give full play to the role of bridge and link, infect the employees around them with youth energy, influence the employees around them with practical actions, and create a working atmosphere of "working together in the same boat and tide over difficulties. In the face of the next work, Liu Dong put forward ardent hopes for the majority of young workers. First, we must strengthen our ideals and beliefs, enhance our confidence in development, and fight together to overcome difficulties; second, we must give full play to positive energy, be the main force, and maintain political sensitivity; third, we must stick to our posts, create excellence in performance, and show our style at critical moments; fourth, we must maintain communication and form Consensus, maintain the overall stability of the enterprise, and make positive contributions to the development of the enterprise.
The convening of the symposium reflects the enthusiasm and vigor of the company's young employees for work, demonstrates youth and vitality, courage and responsibility, and further enhances everyone's confidence and determination in the development of the company. The participants said that they would put their own development in the development of the enterprise, start from doing their own work well, take the initiative to know the overall situation, obey the overall situation, serve the overall situation, base themselves on their posts, have the courage to take responsibility, work in a down-to-earth manner, experience and grow up, and contribute to the reform and development of the company.
Group Office Finishing Reports
May 27, 2014

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