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ProcessCorporate chlor-alkali project is designed by Sichuan Chemical Engineering Design Institute. In process route and equipment selection, in the “internationally-advanced and domestically-mature” principle, the project uses advanced mature ion membrane electrolysis technology. Its core equipment electrolyzer uses the internationally-advanced Japan chlorine engineering equipment. Its auxiliary equipment uses domestically matched equipment. The chlorine liquefier uses chlorine medium-pressure and medium-temperature liquefaction instead of traditional low-pressure and low-temperature liquefaction (brine-ammonia refrigeration system), and is directly refrigerated by Freon, which can avoid the generation of nitrogen trichloride effectively. The liquid chlorine storage tank discharges from the bottom, thus avoiding the accumulation of the nitrogen trichloride, and preventing the explosive risk caused by the accumulation of the nitrogen trichloride. The chlorine compressor uses widely-used safe turbine-type compressor. DCS control system is used in performing centralized monitoring and control and setting alarming and interlock system for transfinite parameters. In September 2009, the first-phase 100,000T/year ion membrane alkali project was built and put into production. In November, 30000T/year trichloro ethylene project was built and put into production. In April 2014, Yingtianhui signed the 15-year supply contract of the products (liquid chlorine and caustic soda) with one of Fortune Global 500 Germany BASF. In August 2015, MDI supporting equipment and device capacity expansion project was built and put into production. Currently, corporate production scale is 180,000T ion membrane liquid alkali, 150,000T liquid chlorine, 30,000T high-purity muriatic acid and 30,000T trichloro ethylene. 

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