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Environmental information disclosure column

(I) basic information

Chongqing yingtianhui chlor-alkali chemical co., ltd (915001157592878522) enterprise legal person: tian shijing. The company is located at No. 2 Huabei Road, Chongqing Changshou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tel: 40717888. Founded in May 2004, the company covers an area of 430 mu and has a registered capital of 348 million yuan. It is now a mixed-ownership enterprise jointly held by Chongqing Yuhua New Materials Co., Ltd., Chongqing Jiangbei Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Haoran Holding Group Co., Ltd.

In September 2009, 4 groups of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda projects were completed and put into operation. In November 2012, 30000 tons/year trichloroethylene project was completed and put into operation. In July 2015, MDI supporting energy-saving transformation and environmental protection technological transformation were put into operation. In 2019, the polyphenylene sulfide device was completed and put into operation. At present, the company's existing production scale of 200000 tons of ionic membrane caustic soda, 30000 tons of trichloroethylene, 10000 tons of polyphenylene sulfide. In April 2014, the company signed a 15-year supply contract for products (liquid chlorine, caustic soda) with BASF, one of the world's top 500 companies. The company will usher in a historical opportunity for rapid development.

(II) sewage information

Our company's pollutant discharge permit will be declared in August 2020 and will be valid until August 2023.

There is one wastewater discharge outlet in our company, and the discharge indexes are: PH:6-9, COD:500mg/l, ammonia nitrogen: 45mg/l, chloride: 3000mg/l, trichloroethylene 1mg/l, tetrachloroethylene: 0.5mg/l, suspended matter: 400mg/l, biochemical oxygen demand on the 5th day: 300mg/l, total organic carbon: sulfide 1mg/l: active chlorine: 0.5mg/l, 1,4 dichlorobenzene 0.4mg/l, adsorbable organic halide 5mg/l, petroleum: 20mg/l.

There are 9 waste gas discharge ports in our company, including chlor-alkali hydrochloric acid waste gas discharge port 1, chlor-alkali hydrochloric acid waste gas discharge port 2, chlor-alkali hydrochloric acid waste gas discharge port 3, dry acetylene dust-containing waste gas discharge port, acetylene chlorination tower blow off waste gas discharge port, trichloroethylene non-condensable gas discharge port, carbide slag bin waste gas discharge port, TCE hydrochloric acid absorption waste gas discharge port and hydrogen boiler waste gas discharge port, all continuously. Among them, hydrogen chloride emission index is 20 mg/m3, 30mg/m3, particulate matter emission index is 120 mg/m3, 30mg/m3, non-methane total hydrocarbon emission index is 120 mg/m3, chlorobenzene emission index is 50mg/m3, odor concentration is 6000, Ringelmann melanin 1, nitrogen oxide 200mg/m3, sulfur dioxide 80mg/m3.

Construction and operation of (III) pollution prevention and control facilities;

Our company's environmental protection facilities mainly include: wastewater treatment station, which treats the production drainage and domestic wastewater of each workshop, and sends it to China and France water service after reaching the third-level discharge standard.

The accident chlorine gas enters the waste gas treatment device through the negative pressure exhaust system, and the by-product of sodium hypochlorite is produced through alkali absorption, and the operation is good. After the hydrochloric acid tail gas is absorbed and disposed by secondary washing alkali, it is discharged up to the standard. The non-condensable gas is adsorbed by activated carbon and discharged to the standard.

All storage tanks for acid, alkali, sodium hypochlorite, trichloroethylene and other products shall be provided with cofferdams and rain and sewage switching to ensure the collection and switching of accident wastewater.

All toxic and harmful gas storage tank areas are equipped with toxic and harmful gas alarm, and connected to the central control DCS for alarm.

(IV)Environmental impact assessment of construction projects and other administrative permits for environmental protection

1.200000 tons/year ion-exchange membrane caustic soda project EIA approval document number: Yu (city) Huanzhun [2007] No. 60; Acceptance approval document number: Yu (city) Huanyan [2019] 002

2.30000 tons/year trichloroethylene co-production 30000 tons/trichlorosilane project EIA approval document number: Yu (city) Huan Zhun [2012] No. 29; Acceptance Approval Document No.: Yu (City) Huan Yan [2013] No. 11

3. The EIA approval number of MDI energy-saving and environmental protection technological transformation project supporting caustic soda plant is Yu (Chang) EIA Tong [2014] 077, and the acceptance approval number is Yu (Chang) Huan Yan [2016] 023.

4. EIA approval number of hydrogen purification project: Yu Chang Huan Zhun [2017] 031, and acceptance approval number: Yu (Chang) Huan Yan [2017] 110.

5.30000 tons/year fiber-grade polyphenylene sulfide resin project (re-submitted for approval) EIA approval number: Yu (Chang) Huan Zhun [2019] 076, and acceptance approval number: Yu (Chang) Huan Yan [2020] 041.

5. The annual acetylene filling station project of Yingtianhui 600000 bottles (Phase I 300000 bottles per year) passed the environmental protection acceptance on March 17, 2021.

6, the annual output of 20000 tons of new water-free aluminum chloride catalytic material project on May 19, 2021 through environmental acceptance.

Emergency plan for (V) environmental emergencies;

Our company's emergency rescue plan and wind assessment report for environmental emergencies will be revised, reviewed and filed in June 2021. Emergency plan record number: 500115-2021-038H, wind assessment record number: 500115202106003. (with photo of exercise)

(VI) monitoring;

Our company's waste gas (scattered discharge), waste water, noise, soil and groundwater are all entrusted to a third party or carried out quarterly monitoring on their own as required, and the monitoring results are published on our company's website in real time as required.

Process flow diagram (VII) attached;



Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.


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